About DWR

The difference between waterproofing and water repellency

About DWR | The difference between waterproofing and water repellency

Before explaining DWR, do you know the difference between waterproof and water repellent?

The dictionary definition of waterproof is 'the quality of preventing water from permeating or soaking in.' The dictionary definition of water repellent is 'the quality of not allowing water to easily penetrate the surface of fabrics or similar materials.'

It might be challenging to precisely distinguish these two functions based on their dictionary meanings. The difference between waterproof and water repellent lies in their 'response to water.'

Waterproofing prevents water penetration, allowing water to flow off. In other words, it prevents water from infiltrating.

Water repellency involves repelling water, causing it to bead up or roll off the surface of fabrics, creating water droplets. It is a technology that repels water.

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent, emphasizing water repellency. The DWR treatment, as explained earlier in terms of water repellency, aims to make water bead up and flow off the outer surface of the fabric, preventing absorption.



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