Bluesign® for sustainability

Certification standards for environment, health, and safety

Bluesign® for sustainability | Certification standards for environment, health, and safety

The most important aspect of enjoying outdoor activities is nature itself.  In order to sustain ongoing outdoor pursuits, it is crucial for us to adopt an attitude of preserving the environment.



Choosing eco-friendly outdoor products can also be part of this conservation effort. One key criterion that aids in making this important choice is the Bluesign system.





"Bluesign" refers to a certification mark created to promote environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and the use of sustainable materials. Established in Switzerland in 2000, Bluesign is a program managed by a textile company and certification body, providing benefits to producers, brands, and consumers alike. 

Bluesign rigorously evaluates the following factors to minimize the environmental impact of products and ensure safety.


-Selection and use of raw materials

-Safety of the production process

-Emission of environmental pollutants

-Energy consumption


Chemical substances are rigorously controlled through a self-developed list of over 600 Restricted Substance Lists (RSL) and a list of approximately 900 Bluesign System Substances (BSSL). This stringent control aims to prevent the introduction of problematic substances into the production system. The core of Bluesign certification lies in considering chemical substance usage, workplace safety during production, and the safety of the end-user, thereby preventing the entry of problematic substances into the production system.




In the case of dyeing factories, the Swiss headquarters inspection personnel directly visit the site to conduct audits, examining raw materials such as dyes and auxiliaries, checking the product manufacturing process, assessing the safety conditions of the factory, and evaluating the surrounding environment. Once the facility complies with the stringent environmental and safety standards set by the Bluesign organization and ultimately receives certification, it becomes a Bluesign System Partner.



In Korea, it is reported that over 60 companies, including fiber surfactant manufacturer 'Donglimchem' and specialty tape manufacturer 'Sealon,' have obtained Bluesign certification. The Bluesign mark signifies a high sense of responsibility towards the environment and communicates a message of producing products using eco-friendly materials and processes. Through this, manufacturers, brands, and consumers play a role in providing sustainable products to consumers and contributing to environmental protection.  

In short, Bluesign provides environmentally conscious consumers with the opportunity to make sustainable choices.



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