Doing yoga at the art museum

Our bodies united with art

Doing yoga at the art museum | Our bodies united with art

'Museum Yoga' has gained enthusiastic responses from the public in the United States and Europe, establishing its presence. Utilizing quiet mornings or evenings when museums are not open, practicing yoga amidst artworks, and synchronizing breaths create a unique experience. Leading this trend, the Brooklyn Museum in New York offers various programs that not only involve appreciating art but also nurturing one's inner self.

With the motto "Expanding possibilities within ourselves and the world through encounters that inspire artistic inspiration," the Brooklyn Museum is filled with exhibitions and programs creating a new inspiration connecting art and the world. Notably, a prominent program combines art and yoga. Through mindfulness classes held in the gallery, participants can experience the connection with artworks under the guidance of a curator, reflecting on themselves in the inspiration and tranquility provided by space, nature, and art.

Now, in Korea, there are two galleries where you can have a similar experience.

Museum SAN

Museum SAN, on the occasion of its 5th anniversary in 2018, initiated the 'Meditation Hall' project in collaboration with architect Ando Tadao, reevaluating its architectural philosophy as a "place to regain the power to live." Proposing spiritual rest through inspiration and serenity conveyed by nature and art, the interior captures changing light and landscapes through glass windows. The Meditation Hall offers various programs, including yoga classes, allowing everyone easy access to meditation. Museum SAN's meditation programs are available to visitors as regular programs. For more information, you can check the Museum SAN website.


At the KimTekhwa Museum, where you can appreciate the works of artist Kim Tek-hwa depicting Jeju's primal nature, you can experience true tranquility through yoga surrounded by Jeju's nature. The museum operates yoga workshops for adults with yoga teacher Park Dara, where you can also enjoy a brief drawing session after yoga practice. Although yoga workshops are not regular programs, it is recommended to check them out if you plan to visit Jeju with an interest in yoga.



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