Functional fabric 'Schoeller' with 150 years of history

Innovative Swiss fabric

Functional fabric 'Schoeller' with 150 years of history | Innovative Swiss fabric

Schoeller, the pioneer of motorcycle protective fabrics and the developer of stretch woven fabrics for skiwear, has been synonymous with functional fabrics for over 150 years. Schoeller's legacy extends beyond the history of the textile industry, encapsulating technology, innovation, and sustainability.

Founded in Zurich in 1868, Schoeller started with groundbreaking ideas that revolutionized the paradigm of the textile industry. In 1961, they introduced the world's first stretch woven fabric for skiwear, marking the beginning of innovation and laying the foundation for today's "soft shell."

Schoeller goes beyond simple fabric manufacturing, consistently pursuing functionality and innovation. In 1985, they developed Keprotec® fiber for motorcycle gear, and subsequently, they established themselves as leaders in the textile industry with various technological innovations such as 3XDRY®, c_change™ membrane, coldblack®, and more.

Schoeller fabrics are composed of unique materials designed for various purposes and environments, based on functionality and innovation. 

Here are some examples,

1. Schoeller®-dynamic
  - Features: Excellent stretch, water repellency, and durability for versatile year-round use.
  - Applications: Suitable for active sports, outdoor activities, fashion, workwear, etc.
  - Composition: Cordura®, Lycra® or polyamide, polyester.
  - Weave: Available in various thicknesses and strengths of single-layer fabrics.

2. Schoeller®-dryskin
  - Features: Dual fabric with excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying functionality.
  - Applications: Ideal for active outdoor activities and functional clothing.
  - Composition: Cordura®, Dorlastan®, Coolmax®, functional yarns, polyamide, polyester.
  - Weave: Outer surface with durable polyamide yarns, inner surface with moisture-regulating functional yarns.

3. Schoeller®-naturetec
  - Features: Harmony of natural and functional fibers for comfort and functionality.
  - Applications: Suitable for outdoor jackets and pants.
  - Composition: Dorlastan®, polyamide, Cordura®, natural fibers (wool, cotton, etc.), microfibers, polyester.
  - Weave: Durable fabric composed of natural yarns and polyamide.

4. Schoeller®-wb-400
  - Features: Multi-functional soft shell with windproof and waterproof capabilities.
  - Applications: Suitable for outdoor, leisure, and casual clothing.
  - Composition: Cordura®, Dorlastan®, polyamide, polyester, PU coating.
  - Weave: Composite structure with a functional coating in the middle layer.

5. Schoeller®-wb-formula
  - Features: Highly breathable waterproof and windproof stretch membrane fabric.
  - Applications: Ideal for skiing, active sports, outdoor, and casual wear.
  - Composition: Cordura®, Lycra®, polyamide.
  - Weave: Stretchable membrane fabric offered in 2-layer or 3-layer structures.

These fabrics showcase Schoeller's innovative technology, providing optimized performance for different environments and requirements. Schoeller's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its BlueSign® certified eco-friendly product manufacturing.

Moreover, Schoeller has expanded its influence beyond the outdoor and sports markets to fashion, interior design, and the medical field. The online platform Schoeller Refabric, launched in 2022, enables small businesses and creators to access high-quality fabrics at reasonable prices.

With a history of over 150 years, Schoeller continues to lead innovation in the textile industry. Their technical innovations, environmental responsibility, and constant evolution illuminate the future of the textile industry.

Schoeller's fabrics represent more than just materials; they embody the innovative spirit of Switzerland.



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