PrimaLoft® created to complement down

Byword for insulation

PrimaLoft® created to complement down | Byword for insulation

PrimiaLoft®, a material commonly used in mid-layer products for essential insulation during cold winters and outdoor activities, has an interesting origin story. Developed in 1983 to replace goose down in the United States military, the traditional goose down was vulnerable to moisture, becoming heavy and impractical for soldiers in wet conditions. As a solution, PrimiaLoft® was developed to offer waterproof insulation, initially for military use and later expanding to commercial clothing.

The fibers constituting PrimiaLoft® are ultra-fine microfibers, creating an air layer that maintains internal temperature. While it doesn't match the warmth-to-weight ratio of down, PrimiaLoft® boasts excellent insulation for its weight. It is often chosen by various outdoor brands due to its lightweight and soft feel. Unlike down, which loses its insulation properties when wet, PrimiaLoft® is water-resistant, making it suitable for use even when sweating.

PrimiaLoft® encompasses various technologies and products, with PrimaLoft® Classics being the most commonly utilized. Furthermore, it is divided into Gold, Silver, and Black lines.

- PrimiaLoft® Gold: The top-tier line designed for outdoor activities in harsh conditions. It is highly compressible, lightweight, and offers excellent breathability. Notably, Gold products may include a Down Blend type, combining PrimiaLoft® (30%) with goose down (70%), enhancing drying speed and moisture resistance.

- PrimiaLoft® Silver: Positioned one step below Gold, the Silver line is practical, displaying the distinctive features of PrimiaLoft®. It may also include a Down Blend type with a ratio of PrimiaLoft® (40%) to goose down (60%).

- PrimiaLoft® Black: Geared towards everyday wear, PrimiaLoft® Black offers a reasonable price with excellent insulation. It may include a Down Blend type with a ratio of PrimiaLoft® (50%) to goose down (50%).

PrimiaLoft® continuously introduces various products under each line, such as Eco and Active, focusing on eco-friendly practices and animal welfare. The brand's commitment to sustainability and offering alternatives to down products makes PrimiaLoft® an appealing choice for environmentally conscious consumers.




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