The reason why people are excited about the UTMB trail running competition

‘Going beyond your own limitations, fair play, respect for people and the environment, and solidarity’

The reason why people are excited about the UTMB trail running competition | ‘Going beyond your own limitations, fair play, respect for people and the environment, and solidarity’

UTMB stands for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and it is the world's largest trail running event held annually at the end of August in Chamonix, France. Every year, thousands of trail runners gather in Chamonix, France, to participate in or simply witness this grand event. Furthermore, through 39 events held worldwide, including in various countries, UTMB provides trail runners with opportunities to experience adventure.

So, what makes UTMB so appealing?

Scenic Beauty

UTMB takes participants on a 170km journey through France, Italy, and Switzerland, around Mont Blanc. The course boasts stunning natural landscapes, including snow-covered peaks, blue valleys, and picturesque mountain villages. Running in nature with such beautiful scenery turns the race into more than just a competition but a visual festival.


Completing UTMB is a symbol of honor. The combination of distance, elevation, and unpredictable mountain weather makes it one of the most challenging trail races globally. The test of extreme endurance and mental toughness attracts athletes looking to push their limits.


During UTMB week, the atmosphere in Chamonix, France, is romantic. Local communities from the three countries eagerly anticipate the race, setting up aid stations and cheering for runners. The region buzzes with trail running enthusiasts, professional athletes, and curious spectators during the competition. Participants can feel supported and valued throughout their journey, creating a shared sense of camaraderie and collective anticipation.

Rich History

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year since its inception in 2003, UTMB still originates from a passion for trail running. It can be seen as an event that celebrates the essence of sports rather than just a race.

Global Attention

UTMB garners attention from runners worldwide. Athletes from every continent, not just Europe, aspire to participate in this prestigious competition and diligently train for it.

Diverse Races

While the main UTMB race receives significant attention, other races like CCC, TDS, and OCC allow runners of different levels to compete. CCC, known as the "Little Sister," covers a course from Courmayeur in Italy, passing through Champex in Switzerland, and finishing in Chamonix, France. OCC, the "Little Swiss Sister," offers a unique course for mid-distance runners to experience exceptional and typical natural landscapes. More diverse courses can be explored on the UTMB official website.

In conclusion, UTMB is more than just another trail race. It represents an experience, a journey, and a form of celebration. Whether overcoming personal limits, practicing fair play, showing respect for people and the environment, or running and cheering together, UTMB provides an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.



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