Oboz, brand that plants a tree for every shoe sold

Buy some shoes, plant a tree

Oboz, brand that plants a tree for every shoe sold | Buy some shoes, plant a tree

Oboz is not just a brand that makes shoes. Since 2007, Oboz has been actively engaged in environmental conservation by planting a tree for every pair of shoes sold, with over 5 million trees planted to date. Oboz is committed to the dual purpose of protecting the environment and providing sustainable livelihoods for families.

Partnership with Trees for the Future

Oboz collaborates with the organization "Trees for the Future" to carry out the Forest Garden project. This project consists of thousands of trees, providing participating families with food, livestock feed, and products for sale.

Effects of the Forest Garden

The Forest Garden project in Tanzania, initiated in 2020, has quadrupled the average annual income of participating families. The impact goes beyond just planting trees; it signifies a significant improvement in the lives of the families involved.

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Tree planting activities play a crucial role in reducing pollution, restoring deforested land to forests, and enhancing the lives of farmers and their families in developing countries. "Trees for the Future" is bringing about significant changes in people's lives, and Oboz is a vital partner in realizing these goals.

Buy Shoes, Plant Trees

When you purchase a pair of Oboz shoes, it means more than just getting a pair of hiking boots. Buying Oboz shoes contributes to the planting of trees somewhere in the world. These trees have a positive impact on the Earth and all life on it. Therefore, buying Oboz shoes is an investment not only in footwear but also in a sustainable future and a better world. Remember that with every pair of Oboz shoes you buy, a tree is planted, and together with Oboz, you are contributing to creating a better world.



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