PERTEX® fabric

Global leader in ultra-light functional fabrics

PERTEX® fabric | Global leader in ultra-light functional fabrics

Pertex, founded in 1979 in the UK, is a specialized fabric company known for developing innovative fabrics used in outdoor activities and sports apparel. It is widely utilized in hiking clothing, outdoor gear, sports apparel, gaining a prominent position in the functional fabric market and earning global recognition.

Hamish Smith, the founder of Pertex, was a British outdoor enthusiast and mountaineer who aimed to bring innovation to the functional fabric market in the late 1970s. Overcoming the limitations of existing fabrics, he began developing new fabrics to enhance wearer comfort and performance. Pertex introduced innovative fabrics with features such as excellent breathability, quick-drying, lightweight, and high durability, earning widespread acclaim in the outdoor and sports equipment market.

One of the key technologies in Pertex fabric is its moisture control through airflow. The fabric has a unique structure that blocks wind while allowing the efficient expulsion of moisture vapor, maintaining the wearer's body temperature and quickly drying sweat. Pertex fabrics are known for their exceptional durability, maintaining performance even in extreme conditions, showcasing superior abrasion resistance compared to regular fabrics.

Pertex fabric products are lightweight and highly compressible. Apparel and equipment made from this fabric are popular among travelers and hikers who prefer lightweight and easily packable items, offering excellent portability.


Pertex SHIELD is a lightweight, highly breathable waterproof fabric suitable for various outdoor activities. Designed with a 2.5-layer structure, it effectively blocks water while simultaneously expelling moisture vapor, ensuring the wearer stays dry and comfortable.


Pertex SHIELD PRO is an upgraded version of SHIELD fabric, boasting high waterproofness and breathability. With a 3-layer structure, this fabric excels in extreme conditions, offering enhanced durability and abrasion resistance.


Pertex QUANTUM is a lightweight, durable fabric known for excellent breathability and quick-drying capabilities. Often used in items like down jackets or sleeping bags, it provides a luxurious feel and a soft touch.


Pertex QUANTUM PRO is an enhanced version of QUANTUM fabric, featuring added waterproof functionality to handle various weather conditions. With improved durability and abrasion resistance, it maintains performance over extended use.


Pertex EQUILIBRIUM fabric is renowned for outstanding breathability and rapid drying, prioritizing wearer comfort. Especially popular among users active in hot and humid environments, this fabric controls moisture through airflow, keeping the wearer's body temperature stable and facilitating quick sweat drying.

Pertex has recently gained attention for its commitment to sustainable raw material usage. Some Pertex fabrics incorporate recycled materials, emphasizing an eco-friendly aspect and attracting environmentally conscious consumers. The diverse lineup of Pertex fabrics, along with eco-friendly materials, leads the way in the outdoor and sports gear market, pioneering future sustainable consumption cultures.

The various Pertex fabric options provide different functionalities, allowing consumers to choose based on their specific needs. Utilized in hiking clothing, outdoor gear, sports apparel, Pertex fabrics meet both functional and eco-friendly criteria, receiving high praise in various product categories. The innovative technology and exceptional functionality of Pertex fabrics continue to make them highly sought after in the outdoor and sports gear market.

Moving forward, Pertex is expected to further develop sustainable materials and enhance functionality to meet the high expectations of consumers.



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