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Teton Bros, tsurugi jacket

Item Scope Vol.1 | Teton Bros, tsurugi jacket


Teton Bros.'s Tsurugi Jacket is an award-winning garment that has gained global acclaim since its release. In collaboration with Toray, the jacket underwent three years of research to develop the most outstanding materials for outdoor activities. The result of extensive research led to the successful creation of the Membrane 3-layer waterproof fabric, Tasma®. The exclusive Tasma® is made from a 30D stretch nylon, boasting excellent elasticity and durability, providing superior comfort during actual outdoor activities. The Tsurugi Jacket embodies Teton Bros.'s concept that every element of the product serves a specific function.

The hood of Teton Bros.'s Tsurugi Jacket is vertically and horizontally adjustable with a single motion. To prevent the left and right skewing of the hood strings, the top of the hood is bar-tacked. The jacket features the exclusive Membrane 3-layer waterproof fabric, Tasma®, developed through three years of research with Toray. Tasma®, with particles smaller than water molecules, creates larger gaps than moisture, maximizing both waterproof and breathable functions. To enhance waterproofing, the stitched seams, which are susceptible to water penetration, undergo seam sealing for exceptional water resistance. The 2-way zipper that opens widely from the neck to the armpits combines ventilation functionality. The zippers on both sides can pass through each other, maximizing the ventilation effect. An internal pocket with a zipper is built into the left chest, providing convenient storage for valuables or items at risk of loss. The drawcord stopper at the hem is uniquely placed at the front center, avoiding interference with gear when using a harness. This positioning is to prevent interference with gear when using a harness.




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