Socks for outdoor activities from MoorLand

Reinterpreted design based on direct experience

Socks for outdoor activities from MoorLand | Reinterpreted design based on direct experience

MoorLand introduces practical and essential products for outdoor activities, focusing on functional socks in their lineup. The name "MoorLand" signifies the untouched wilderness where human hands haven't reached, and their products reflect functionality that can be enjoyed both in nature and daily life.

The Essential Socks from MoorLand feature a simple design with performance-oriented functionality. Utilizing Drycool functional yarn, these socks are lightweight and offer excellent breathability. Suitable for high-intensity cycling, light biking, or summer running and walks, the Essential Socks also feature moisture-wicking capabilities, ensuring efficient sweat evacuation and quick drying. Available in six different colors, the socks incorporate distinctive color accents and a logo at the ankle for added style in everyday wear.

On the other hand, MoorLand Wool Socks are tailored for hiking rather than cycling or running. Crafted with Merino wool yarn, known for its natural outdoor fiber properties, and utilizing lightweight wool consumption, these socks provide a soft and comfortable feel. They excel in moisture control and quick drying, typical of Merino wool socks. Specifically designed for hiking, they feature a narrower arch and ankle width, reinforcing vulnerable areas during hikes. The soles and ankle areas are knitted with a pile structure to provide cushioning and protect the skin when wearing high-cut hiking boots. Available in ivory, charcoal, navy, and olive, these socks are suitable not only for hiking but also for everyday wear.

In addition to socks, MoorLand offers various other products like neck warmers and bottles. MoorLand encourages users to embrace nature, stay focused during activities such as cycling, running, or hiking, and enjoy the physical and mental well-being that comes with their products.

Overall, MoorLand's product lineup provides an opportunity to connect with nature, promoting healthy activities and a balanced lifestyle.



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