Altra's Olympus 5 applied Gore-Tex

Products for your all-day hiking adventures

Altra's Olympus 5 applied Gore-Tex | Products for your all-day hiking adventures

Altra, the U.S. running shoe brand known for its distinctive technological features, has released a Gore-Tex product, incorporating this technology into one of its best-sellers, the Olympus 5. This trail running shoe features Altra's signature technologies, including the Footshape Toe Box and Zero Drop, providing a wide toe box and firm cushioning designed for various off-road conditions.

The Olympus 5 features the ORIGINAL Footshape Fit, making it a popular choice not only among trail runners but also backpackers and hikers in need of lightweight off-road shoes. One notable release in the hiking line is the Olympus 5 Hike, available in both low-cut and mid-cut versions, with different color options for men and women. The product lineup, offering a total of five varieties, can be purchased both online and offline, with availability on Grayshop.

The Olympus 5 Hike series boasts Gore-Tex material in all its models, ensuring excellent waterproofing. Altra promotes these shoes as ideal for all-day hiking, emphasizing superior traction on challenging terrains and outstanding waterproof capabilities. If you are gearing up for fall backpacking or hiking adventures, the Gore-Tex-equipped Olympus 5 Hike might be the perfect choice according to Altra.



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