CamelBak, hydration brand

Hydration system started with IV bags and socks

CamelBak, hydration brand | Hydration system started with IV bags and socks

The hydration system, a combination of a water bottle and a hose, is an essential item for activities such as running, cycling, and hiking. While these systems are widely popular today, in the past, the options for replenishing water during exercise, even in extreme weather conditions, were not as abundant.

The inception of CamelBak dates back to 1989 during the Hotter’N Hell 100-mile bicycle race in Texas. The founder of CamelBak, Michael Eidson, who was an ambulance paramedic and a cycling enthusiast, devised a solution for replenishing water during cycling races. Drawing from his experiences treating dehydrated patients, Eidson filled an empty IV bag with water, attached it to the back of his jersey, and used a hose secured with a clothespin to sip water. This ingenious idea marked the beginning of CamelBak.

Here are a few highlighted products available at GRAY SHOP

1. Octane
  Octane is a hiking/trail backpack from CamelBak with an 18L capacity and a 2L reservoir, making it suitable for trail running and hiking. It features a front pocket compatible with the 17oz Quick Stow (sold separately) and other soft flasks. Various pockets provide ample storage for snacks and essentials, and side strings allow easy pole storage.

2. Ultra Pro Vest
  The Ultra Pro Vest is an ultra-lightweight vest designed for long-distance training and elite-level racing. It includes two 17oz Quick Stow flasks on the front, compatible with other soft flasks. The vest also features a small upper front pocket for lightweight items, and the back offers approximately 6L of storage space.

3. Forge Flow
  Forge Flow is CamelBak's travel tumbler, suitable for both travel and everyday use. With a one-handed operable cap for easy sipping, it features a button to secure the cap when frequently drinking. It provides efficient thermal insulation for both hot and cold beverages.

4. Camp Mug
  The Camp Mug from CamelBak has a 12oz (approximately 350ml) capacity, making it ideal for camping and outdoor activities. With a durable full powder coating finish, it is dishwasher safe and designed for durability. Its functional features and minimalistic design make it suitable for various settings.

In addition to the mentioned products, CamelBak offers a range of items, including the renowned cycling water bottle PODIUM, camping-sized reservoirs, CHUTE MAG bottle with a magnetic cap, and more.

Explore more products on the CamelBak page at Grayshop for a comprehensive selection.



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