ARC(A Running Club)’s bag for the runner’s daily life

From commuting to light walks

ARC(A Running Club)’s bag for the runner’s daily life | From commuting to light walks

ARC, a brand connecting running and daily life, has released a new product line. Born from the imagination that everyone has their own running club in their minds, arc, an abbreviation for 'A Running Club,' designs for runners living their daily lives and running.

Among the newly released product line, let's introduce the products designed for the runner's daily life. Named "Commute," as the name suggests, it is a tote bag for people commuting between work and home in their daily lives. This product, designed to accommodate various items from a simple diary to a heavy laptop, shows traces of careful consideration in every detail. Opening the independent space pocket at the bottom reveals a compartment for storing extra T-shirts or shoes, considering the common issue of unpleasant odors from worn clothes or shoes inside the bag. Notably, the Commute Tote Bag addresses this by featuring side eyelets for ventilation.

When putting your phone into a large bag like this, it can be inconvenient to find it later, especially mixed with other items. Opening the waterproof zipper on the front allows for easy storage of small items. There is also a pocket designed at the top inside for quick access to small belongings. Particularly, a plastic ring attached to the bag can be used for attaching a keyring.

"Lento," meaning to play instruments as slow and heavy as possible in music, suggests taking a slow look around with Lento from arc.

Designed for simple walks and daily wear, Lento, like other products in the lineup, features interesting elements throughout. There is a hidden small pocket on the back foam of Lento. This concealed pocket allows for easy storage and retrieval of items like a phone, wallet, or AirPods. The front pocket can also be used for additional items. Similar to the Commute Tote Bag, it has a plastic ring for attaching a keyring, keys, and more.

These are two products from the arc 22FW product line designed for daily life. Both products use Stratum™️ Fabric, boasting high durability and lightweight construction.

ARC not only offers gear for running but also provides products for daily life with excellent functionality. Consumers with an active lifestyle should consider these choices for commuting, walking, and more. The highlighted products, along with other arc products, are available for purchase at GRAY SHOP online and offline stores.



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